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Le Klint lamps became the classics of Danish design since 1940s. You can buy Le Klint lamps in Russia in Nordiclite web-shop at European prices. According to Le Klint, there are many ways of furnishing your home – life style and trends vary, therefore, only you can decide what is right for your abode. No matter what you choose, light is a necessity. In cooperation with highly respected designers and architects, Le Klint offers a wide range of contemporary lamps with emphasis on functionality, aesthetics, and quality, thus enabling Le Klint to be much more than just light.

Tage Klint named the company after his daughter Lise Le Charlotte Klint, who also took part in the production. Tages Klint's brother, Kaare Klint and his son Esben Klint (1915-69) designed a large number of lamps and shades but other designers were also engaged in the design. Poul Christiansen made new designs for Le Klint from 1967 to 1978, including the successful Sinus line.