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Michael Geertsen

Michael Geertsen from Denmark was born in 1966 and finished his apprenticeship as a ceramicist in 1988. He graduated from the department of Industrial Design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 1993, where he gained a deep understanding of the Danish design principles regarding the integrity of shapes and the sensitivity of materials. At the same time, Geertsen’s designs represent an exceptional courage that exists somewhere between art, craftsmanship and design. During his career, Geertsen has developed his own unique design expression in his sculptural ceramics - a design expression which is also reflected in his designs for Lightyears. Both as an artist and as a designer, Michael Geertsen deconstructs and interprets classic, ceramic objects and his fascination of cylindrical and conic contours are both evident and enthralling in his lamp design.

Michael Geertsen’s art can be seen at the Metropolitan Museum and MAD/Museum of Arts and Design in New York, as well as in The Victoria and Albert Museum in London and many other places.